Containerising the Nutanix CLI (nCLI)

April 29, 2018 - - 0 Comment

Containerising the Nutanix CLI is my first post related to Nutanix technology since I joined the HCI leader a week ago. As company laptop I chose the Apple MBP, I want to try it for first time. So far so good, even I can have Docker “natively” running on it.

Always when I get a new computer I try to keep everything as much organised as I can. For my daily job I need to connect into many Nutanix clusters, so I prefer to use the Nutanix CLI (a.k.a. nCLI) and avoid jumping into the CVM(s).

As I said, I try to keep everything clean and organised, reason I have decided to run the nCLI as a container and not be messing up with the Java JRE and PATHS.

Containerising the Nutanix CLI

Containerising the Nutanix CLI is a straightforward task. I have not created a Docker image yet because I’m pending to confirm if the nCLI can be repackaged. But this is not a problem at all, you can build your own Docker image following the steps on my GitHub repo.

They are pretty straightforward. In a nutshell:

  • Download the from Prism.
  • Clone the GitHub repo.
  • Build the Docker image.
  • Run the nCLI as a container.

Disclaimer: Containerised nCLI is not officially supported by Nutanix. Please use at your own risk.

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